My First Soccer-Personal Narrative

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It was late after school around 3 o’clock. I just had laid down on my bed. I heard my mom yell for me. I ran downstairs and there was my mom all dressed to go somewhere, I asked her “Where are we going?” she replied “ Remember, you have your first soccer practice.” I ran upstairs to get my stuff on. Mom Yelled, “ Come on we are going to be late for your first practice!” So I ran downstairs with all of my stuff in my hands. I grabbed my water bottle from the fridge and ran to the car. My Mom walked out of the house, about to close the door. Since I forgot My cleats, I ran back into the house and grabbed them. We got in the car and drove to The soccer field. I did not know if my friend was on my team yet. As I walked on the field I saw Saara
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