My First Track Career

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I ran my first track meet at 9 years old. I have loved track and field, and really athletics in general. I have participated in soccer, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, and volleyball. Track and field has impacted my life in three major ways. It has increased my mental toughness, led me to my chosen career field of physical therapy to give back to the community and it has allowed me to participate in NC Powerade State Games. My involvement in track has given me a purpose and influenced every facet of my life.
One of the most essential lessons I learned early in my track career was that track is 10% talent, 90% mental. When I approached the starting line at the beginning of every race there are 1 to 2 seconds between “On your marks-get-set-go!” and it is during that time the majority my races were won or lost. This one experience has made me mentally strong. I can now handle pressure, focus on set goals, and intensely compete. Personal successes like when I dropped seconds in 400 or jumped 16 feet in the long jump were the result of working diligently at grueling practices. I was able to see how my hard work paid off despite the self-doubt, nervousness I encountered every time I stepped onto the track.
Besides being active in sports I enjoy helping African American youth and disabled adults in the
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Because, physical therapists must go to undergraduate and graduate school, I will need to attend college to achieve my dream. College will ensure I have a successful future helping others maintain the ability to play sports and stay active. Furthermore, the educational opportunities of college are immeasurable. College is extremely expensive and I cannot afford the rising costs. This scholarship would offset many of the expenses accrued in college and would allow me the opportunity to focus on my education not my financial
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