My First Wedding Speech: My Best Friend

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Oh, we just had two days of the most magnificent, remarkable weather; however, the rain has set in again, and tomorrow my family and I are moving 1000 miles across the country who knows when I will ever accompany my best friend Dave from childhood to our Senior year in High School. However, I did not want to say goodbye to all my friends at; first, I watched in awe of you, a hunger that quickly turned to an ache; and finally, being true myself I knew I would miss you more than anybody else since you were my first kiss and my first love.

Through the years that sign the University of Colorado, Boulder never becomes unfashionable. Even though it's been two years in college where I'm, majoring in Automotive Transmission,
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In this situation running into Nicole today at the courthouse stirred up tremendously memories. Shortly my phone started to ring I'm thinking let be Nicole and before I knew it, I was saying OK at five tonight I will meet you there. Although I know, it's wrong the day before my wedding. Undoubtedly through the years growing up, Dave, Nicole and I had the best of life we shared a family love yet, had individual bonds towards each other. Whenever we watched movies, popcorn thrown at one another and pillow fights; nevertheless, Nicole and I did have awkward moments. Indeed, I admit I had a secret crush on her, but never approached or acted upon it. However, my heart remained graceful whenever it came to Nicole. Taking a shower and the doorbell rings, I throw on a towel, and it is all my buddies coming to pick me up for my bachelor's party. How could I forget that it was tonight? Also, I'm ashamed to admit that I have done this myself, and the crumbling came when I couldn't find my phone and call…show more content…
Lovingly she kissed me as I lay there watching her I covered her nakedness and held her in my arms until we both drifted off. And the next morning I wakened up to a pillow fight, and she never left my home.

Ultimately, it was a sizzling summer day the sun blazing, and the temperature reads 101* walking home from a hard day's work I opened the door candles burning, and the table set, and she peeked around the corner and said your shower is running. Letting the water beat off my body, tenderly I felt her as she pressed close to me; I shiver with excitement as she moves with me. Flesh against flesh I felt her heartbeat, holding her. The way she whispers in my ear, I evaporate in the same way as snow on a hot winters

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