My First Year In High School

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Over a long period of time, I didn’t realize how serious high school meant before heading to college. My older brother didn’t do well in high school and he was the only person to look up to at the time. While attending elementary learning the basics came to me gradually and as each year passed by I was more interested in why my older brother attended a different school at a certain age/grade. My first year in middle school as an experience as a whole wasn’t what my older brother described and I expected the same for high school. My older brother did graduate high school but didn’t take the measures to attend a university or community college. As of today I continue to tell myself “A first generation doesn’t have to mean that you 're always the first” not knowing much about my relatives and grandparents I’d expect all the help from my older brother, but with what I have learned from…show more content…
Every summer i’d take many courses to advance and exceed in my classes, my parents having some knowledge about high school believed at one point that I had taken a summer course to make up a failing class due to the fact of how my older brother struggled during his years. Not being able to do much during the summer also limited my time to having fun and doing what I liked.
Community service hours were never mentioned to me until my sophomore year surprisingly and I had a plethora of hours piled up to my normal schedule, up until now I have been able to do most of those hours but if I were told sooner I’d be done by now. Experiences with my community have also opened up connections to work-related material and internships for the near future. I’ve been living in Atwater for at least more than six years and am surprised with all the time I’d been here, I now know much about the area I raised
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