My First Year In Middle School

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My first year of middle school was a really great year. I made the honor roll three of the four semesters. I was nervous at the start of the year but after the first semester I felt very comfortable. I had some times when I wasn’t completing my assignments on time and my grades went from a’s and b’s to c’s, eventually that caused me to miss the honor roll in the second semester. I learned quickly that if I slack off and not do what I have to do in my classes that it will affect my grades in a big way. Sixth grade was just a lesson year for me as well as a great learning experience about how anything in life isn’t handed to you, and that you have to work for everything that you get. It was a really good year and I was proud of myself for what I had accomplished.…show more content…
AVID helped me a lot. It was my first year in the program and it helped me get to where I am today. My first year in Avid I learned to organize my binder, trf, philisopical chairs, public speaking, GPA goal-setting, and learning how to calculate my GPA. This helped me a lot because in my other core classes I was always able to be ready for binder checks and I did a good job of making sure that I had my binder organized and ready to be checked. My first year in avid was just a learning experience for me and just get to knowing the program and how it works, and how it prepares me for college. The number one goal for me is graduating high school and getting to college. Avid is here to help me learn, and know what to do once I get to college. They are preparing me for future life and the college atmosphere. I must work very hard in school in order to get the scholarship that I want and
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