My Formal Writing Experience

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A Formal Writing Experience: My Gained Knowledge
The first memory I have of formal writing was while writing a research paper on lethal injection and the death penalty. This took place many years ago in high school. While I do not remember every detail of the requirements for this project, my memory recalls putting a lot of time and effort into attempting to create a well-written paper. I learned writing skills that have stuck with me over the years. Helpful skills such as the need to use reliable sources to emphasize my points, in-text citations, and producing a bibliography. My high school writing project gave me confidence that carries through to my formal writing in college today. Formal writing skills I obtained in high school and college continue to pave a way for my future writing obligations, as well as an increase of confidence when formal writing is intimidating. The beginning of this essay will discuss my first formal writing experiences acquired in high school, and then on to my further gained experience obtained thus far in college at Indiana Tech. The remainder of this essay entails my knowledge in using online
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Throughout my coursework a greater sense of confidence in my writing abilities has been gained. Cameron, Nairn, and Higgins said, “More experienced writers have learned through practice that meaning is seldom already present but has to be created through multiple rewritings, and they have developed techniques for managing their critical and creative voices and allowing both to contribute to the writing process” (272). This quote further affirms to me the importance of knowing that writing a great paper is a process and does not fall onto paper perfectly in the beginning. As I continue on my academic journey, I am pleased to add skills to my repertoire, and use them as building blocks for future writing
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