My Freshman Year Essay

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Freshman year of high school, well it wasn’t really a high school it’s more of a school for just a freshman. What a wonderful time it was, not having a an outrageous amount of homework and uptight teachers. My freshman year consisted of mostly of advanced classes, such as Geometry, honors English and Spanish. Spanish? Really that class is easy, some of you might say when reading it. Imagine this going into class only knowing good English and bad English. Bad English is the kind where when I was younger would get me a bar of soap in my mouth, for those who know me well know that it didn’t work. On the first day of Spanish I came into class, sat down and then the teacher got up from her desk, walked to the front of her desk and spoke as fluently…show more content…
During the first grade I was the tallest and most athletic kid in my class at Hawk point elementary. One day I was outside playing during recess, my favorite class at the time. The only problem was I couldn’t play because my back felt like 90 year old man. I tried running no I couldn’t do that, I tried skipping and then taking off to a sprint but could even do one. Later that day I stood up from my desk and felt to worst pain I could ever imagine it felt like a lightning bolt went straight up my spine. I screamed in pain, so loud, that every teacher in the building came running to see what was wrong. My parents came, rushing me to the hospital and there we found out I had a fractured L5 lumbar. I couldn’t go to school for the rest of the year; in which wasn’t bad for me at all because I enjoyed no school.

I sometimes I wake up at night from a dream, a very particular dream, of me trying to skip and take off running, but every time I try I can never succeed in doing it. I have never really thought about what this dream could mean until now and that it may not appear clear, but somewhere deep down I wish my childhood will never come to and
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