Personal Narrative: My First Friend In Secondary One

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Dionne was my first friend in Secondary One and we grew closer ever since. Even though I was quite soft-spoken and she was the opposite, we had common topics. We both enjoyed listening to Jay Chou’s songs and watching Taiwanese idol dramas. As we took the same bus, we went home together ever since.

We were separated into different classes in Secondary Three. We had new classmates and more homework. Dionne’s classmates began pestering her about us, whether we were an item. That misunderstanding caused us to drift apart. I missed her. I was on the bus to school to clear my locker. “Wei Jian!” Damien hustled up the bus. “You better tell Dionne to help me ask Wen Qian to be my prom date.”

“Err. Ya, I will try…” I could not be bothered with him but I was afraid of him. He was the notorious boy in the cohort.
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After that, we would not have other reasons to meet. Many questions and uncertainty flooded my mind as I reached school. It would be a loss to both of us because we were BFFs.

What if I do not see her again? I would lose a friend who shared so many memories together. I wanted to have her back. I know I will regret if I did not take this final opportunity. However, Damien would be around and he be a nuisance. As I walked to the locker, I saw Dionne packing her stuffs. She nodded in greeting as I approached. This was my chance to talk to her. Should I use Damien’s request as an excuse to talk to her? Will that excuse make our friendship worse? What would she think of me if I did that? I should talk to her but I do not know how to start.

No! I should just talk to her about was our friendship. I want to be able to open her fridge as if I was at home and protect her when her boyfriend mistreats
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