My Future Career

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Learning languages aid us in many ways. It is like an invisible benefactor who bestows us the chances to enhance our conditions of life. Knowing the second language can help you with studying, break the cultural barriers, lead us to the opened door to the world and grant us several brilliant opportunities, including jobs and careers. My ideal future career is to be an interpreter. All the time, I have to cope repeatedly with a bunch of questions. Most of them are about 'Why it has to be an interpreter? ' or 'Why don 't you choose another job? It is quite tough and tiring. ' My answer is literally simple; I love interacting and collaborating with people and enjoy working with language. Moreover, I have a pride in this career. I am pleased and willing to help people with my excellent command of language as much as I can. Interpreters and translators are also in high demand since they play many crucial roles in our lives, including diplomatic relations, business, healthcare, and even entertainment industries. Speaking of South Korea, I already became enthusiastic. It is an indisputable fact that for many years up until now, the so-called ‘Hallyu’ or K-POP Wave, has rapidly spread throughout the globe. Thanks to all types of the Korean entertainment, I got to know South Korea much better and increasingly fell in love with this fantastic country. The next thing I knew, when I was a 10th grader, I felt an urge to become a Korean interpreter and study in South Korea. The

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