My Future Career

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When I was growing up, multiple people questioned me about my future career, and others even pressured me into certain careers. All the influences I have had over time have formed my idea of the perfect occupation, that fits my personality and interests. The careers I have based my future life plans are a pharmacist or an anesthesiologist. Both of these careers require a great deal of school and hard work. My decision of these careers was influenced by both of them being within the medical field, and also both focus on helping people. My main interests lie in my math and science classes, which is why both these careers rely heavily on these subjects. My life goal is to accomplish the title of one of these distinguished occupations.
As I mentioned earlier, a pharmacist is an occupation I am unquestionably interested in. Pharmacists fill prescriptions for patients and verify that the medicine is the correct prescription for the patient. Additionally, pharmacists give recommendations for their patients so that the medicine they receive is more affordable or . Some pharmacists are even allowed to give vaccinations. Pharmacy interests me because as a child, I have always dreamed of helping people, and that is why I decided to research becoming a pharmacist more in-depth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual median pay in Ohio for pharmacists is $122,230 (“Pharmacists”). The salary is a large factor in my decision to pursue this career because in the

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