Information Management Program Entry Essay

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After my graduation from Harbin Institute of Technology, I started to consider which direction I would like to pursue as my future career. Though still interested in my current major, materials science, I realized there are plenty of unsolved problems in the material industry, including resource management, marketing strategy and so on. To solve these problems, knowledge of information management is needed to contribute to the development of the industry. Moreover, when recalling my undergraduate study and internships, I found myself enjoy the experience of solving questions by analyzing data than the laborious derivations. After profound consideration, I decided to switch my direction to information management. I believe that with my huge passion and motivation, my conjunct expertise in both fields would contribute tremendous values in the development of the society and the industry.…show more content…
Its comprehensive curriculum of Data Science and Analysis is specially designed for students who want to succeed in an organization and solve problems based on data analysis. In this program, with the three required courses, I would be able to learn essential technical skills. In the pathway of Data Science and Analysis, extensive courses about data science could strengthen my background in data science and equip me with multiply analysis skills. Furthermore, I can delve into the researches that are most intriguing and important for my future career. In the School of Information Science, there are experts in data management and workflow, like Professor Ludäscher, and experts in machine learning, like Professor Diesner and Professor Brunner. The program will definitely enable me to combine my study in undergraduate with cutting-edge data science technologies, which would give me tremendous assistance to succeed in other

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