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When I was growing up, multiple people questioned me about my future career, and others even pressured me into certain careers. All the influences I have had over time have formed my idea of the perfect occupation, that fits my personality and interests. The careers I have based my future life plans are a pharmacist or an anesthesiologist. Both of these careers require a great deal of school and hard work. My decision of these careers was influenced by both of them being within the medical field, and also both focus on helping people. My main interests lie in my math and science classes, which is why both these careers rely heavily on these subjects. My life goal is to accomplish the title of one of these distinguished occupations.
As I mentioned
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The experience opened my eyes to what work pharmacists perform and how close they are to their faculty and patients. It was a highly enjoyable experience, and I loved the atmosphere and the friendliness between coworkers. Moreover, I realized how much attention to detail the work of a pharmacist requires because making a mistake causes extensive consequences. Consequently, I will have a number of people depending on me, but I like the idea of the responsibility and trust that my patients will put in me. The pharmacy Dr. Farris worked in was rather busy, but I decided that was a positive sign because I would like to stay around this area, as a result, it will not be difficult to find employment or even start my own business. Dr. Farris also told me about the path to becoming a pharmacist. He talked about the NAPLEX, which is a licensure examination. I researched the exam and learned that I need to pass it in order to become a pharmacist in Ohio (Board of…show more content…
This occupation is highly stressful for all the nurses in it. Along with the mental aspects of the consequence, there are also physical aspects. Working long shifts for ten or twelve hours take a difficult toll on anybody’s body, especially in high-pressure situations, such as in a hospital. Many of the nurses in this field are on-call consequently, they could miss a substantial amount of time with their families.
As a result of the careers I have researched, I decided to pursue the path of a pharmacist. Pharmacy appears to fit me better as a person and from the experiences of other pharmacists sounds as if I would enjoy it the best. While a certified registered nurse anesthetist is extremely interesting, the daily repertoire would put me under too much stress especially in a hospital
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