My Future In The Military

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My Future In the Military
I’ve thought long and hard on what I wanted to do in my future and many different things have went through my head from working in a factory, to going to college, to joining the military. I finally made a decision and I have enlisted in the Army on January 11th of this year. In the service you must pick a MOS which stands for Military Occupational Speciality. I picked 89 Alpha (or 89 Bravo) for my MOS which is a Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist. Do you know what my job will consist of? Have you by chance thought of joining the military at any point of your life? If you have that great and if you haven’t it’s not too late. There’s plenty of opportunities and jobs out there in the military for you
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There are many occupations available in the different branches of service. For example if you’re into carpentry there are over 20 jobs just surrounding that particular interest. But obviously with every job there comes some stipulations. The first thing you have to do is go to basic training and then once you graduate from there you will continue onto your AIT ( Advanced Individual Training) this can be hard physically as well as mentally, but in the end it is for sure worth every minute you spent. You’ll be in much better shape and will feel better not only physically but mentally as well. When you have completed your basic and AIT training you’ll have a lot more respect for other people and objects. A bonus to all this training will definitely be all the friends you will make along the…show more content…
There is both classroom and field training. I’ll have daily classes to do where I will learn how to identify ammunition and ammunition-related publications, ammunition maintenance operations, explosive demolition operations and operation of automated and manual ammunition management systems. There will also be field exercises as to teach us other techniques. AIT training will be an exciting and tiresome experience. Sgt. Chad Brubaker, is a soldier that was one of the 20 soldiers who completed the “89-Bravos” Ammunition Supply Course at Fort McCoy he believed because of this course he will be able to be more efficient in his job and that his was a contributor to his unit. (Sturkot,S. 2017) That is how I want to feel everyday when I am doing this

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