My Future Role In Education

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Education has been an important part of my life since I was a young girl. I fell in love with reading at age eight, with writing at age ten, and history at age thirteen. However, I am not the smartest person you will ever meet. I tirelessly put in the hours studying and I’m determined to find a way to show my strengths. By putting my best effort in my work, I earned a spot in the top ten percent of my class and maintained over a 4.0 G.P.A. Hard work, dedication, and passion are life lessons I have learned.
My future role in society will be one of a helping hand. I want to be a speech language pathologist, help people learn how to talk, and be able to give a voice back to the voiceless. My education has given me the best opportunity to become the best speech language pathologist I could possibly be. As a speech pathologist, I need to be dedicated to my future
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My Catholic school education has instilled in me the Catholic values and way of life. We have helped out the less fortunate, dying, sick, hungry, and elderly in our community. I was a captain of our Dance Marathon which raised over $34,000 dollars this year for the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital. We help these people without judgement. Everyone deserves respect and should be given it at all times. I will give all my future patients respect and treat them with dignity. Being a helping hand to those in need has been second nature to me. With this in mind, I knew that I want to continue helping others in my community because of the joy I have felt while partaking in the activities we have done as a school and the activities I have done on my own. We are pushed outside of our comfort zones at school to help others in need. I want to help other push out of their comfort zone and find a way to gain back their voice. The Catholic values of kindness, helpfulness, respect, and love are instilled in my brain and I will never stop spreading
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