Essay On Why I Chose Teaching

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The question that tends to come up significantly for future educators is why choose teaching? Why would you want to become a teacher? My whole family and friends have asked me several times and quite frankly it’s not a simple answer. The answer I tend to give is very vague, but this time my job will be to dig deeper into my feelings and figure out why I have chosen this career. One of the reasons I have chosen to teach is because I want to be able to help others succeed. For some reason my heart tells me that the one way you can create change and save people who are in need, is by educating them and showing them the right path to success. Many kids and even adults all just want someone to care and extend a hand that can create a sort of guidance for them. People all across the country talk about change, about trying to save people, but I’ve realized that to do that, education is the key. Growing…show more content…
You have students every year that you must shape up and teach every single year. It is a challenge and it’s always going to be different every single year because sometimes you may have a group of kids who are lost or others who are close to finding the light, but just need a little push. Being around so many kids and just watching them throughout the year really grow is something beautiful to witness. It really shows what you have done for students and it’s something I wish to do for a couple of years. I want every student to succeed and realize that this life has many opportunities for them. Also I love learning and being a teacher really forces us to learn every day about different subjects and not only that, but we must learn how to reach different students across the classroom of different races, cultures, and genders. It helps you achieve a level of intellect that can really be beneficial for us in the long
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