Synthesis Essay On Gender Roles

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My gender before I was born, as with most babies, was predetermined through pink balloons at my baby shower and the pink blanket I was wrapped in when I was born. Today gender has become one of the most important labels of your identity that you must accept. Although I don’t reject my given gender, I wonder how my identity would have been affected if I wasn’t forced to learn society's definition of female. As I grew up I was told that I needed to act “ladylike” when my brothers could dress and date around however they wanted. These double standards only became more apparent and strict as I grew up and matured. Gender roles are learnt through gender based parenting styles and can be ingrained by the time the child becomes an adult. Parenting…show more content…
However, when I was around 6 years old my parents divorced and I lived with my three brothers and my mom up until today. Although I grew up with my brothers in the house I was the youngest by about 10 years. So, as my mother raised brothers and me, being the only girl I noticed that my mother seemed to hold a double standard in the house between the boys and myself. One of the most memorable lessens I learned centered around my gender was that I must always look and act as a “Lady” would. This was taught through my trips with my mother to the nail salon from before I can remember, getting my ears pierced at 1 year old, always being encouraged to wear feminine colors such as pink or purple, among many other things. The point being that before the time I could walk my gender has been ingrained into my mind along with what it meant to be a woman. When I was young my mother fully encouraged me to delve into the “princess” fantasy and always discouraged things she didn’t deem acceptable for a growing little girl. So naturally I grew up dressed head to toe in pink with perfectly polished nails and a polite attitude. Then as I went through puberty and started to mature I began noticing the differences between the rules my mother followed for my brothers and me. I started to resist some of the “rules” my mother taught me to uphold and as I tried to justify why it was different from my
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