My Goal In Life Analysis

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My Goal in Life December 31, 2013, was the first time a life, from my childhood, was taken from me. My second mother, who bathed me and let me do so many other things with her family. My family loved hers dearly, and she was taken too soon at 37. The pain was bad, but the pain on the family’s face was worse. Mental illness is a health condition that hinders people’s mood, thinking, and behavior. My second mother suffered from manic-depressive illness, known as bipolar disorder. This health disorder was followed also by a stigma. With her illness weighing down her shoulders, along with the stigma, she began to refuse help. I was younger when Mrs. Mindy’s death occurred. However, I understood the depth that her death affected everyone around her. Mindy had a family and friends that loved her so much. Furthermore, Mrs. Mindy’s death, I first began to realize what I am meant to do with my life.
June 27, 2014, the second life was taken from me. My friend, who had a smile all the way to his ears, took his own life. This death was the worst of them all. I come from a small town, so my Alec was very well known. However, he still had his circle though that he could trust and we loved him so much. However, I am afraid his circle failed him. Alec showed
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I want to erase the stigma, one person at a time. After the third suicide in my life, I knew it was time to dig deeper. I suffered from all three main eating disorders for 5 years. My parents tried to let the stigma into our household, and I let it happen. I grew to suffer from a mixed anxiety-depressive disorder, which followed me into college. I believe I thought I had finished the fight after beating my eating disorders, but this mental disorder brought with it, the same amount of difficulty to overcome. After the third death, I realized it was time to push even harder towards a full recovery. Furthermore, here I am present day, pursuing my goals harder, because I will change a
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