How To Achieve My Goals

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My goal as a student after graduating and earning my bachelor degree from my university is first to continue my higher education which is master degree after settling in a job that works the best for me and working for at least two years in my bachelor major which is Finance. My second goal is to take an entrepreneurial route after graduation so I will start a business, I am predicting that I will start it in 6 years since my major will help me to know how to start a successful business where the knowledge and skills that I attained during university will help me in the work that I will put into building my own business. Critical-thinking skills are the key factor in helping me to reach my goals.

My mission is to support the sustainable economic development of the UAE and its citizens.
My value is my future, my purpose in life is to be happy, make a positive difference and discover my surroundings by learning about the world, visit as many different countries as I can. Moreover, discover myself in looking at my own path of getting to do what I love. However, I can make a positive impact by helping to improve the lives of others and success in business. I face the fear of failure but I should get over it because I have to be confident to move forward to achieve my goals. Of course, I want people in my life to
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I will assemble my father, mother, and uncle to advise and mentor me. I chose my father because he has a lot of experience in life and has a big knowledge about careers. I chose my mother because I always love to take advice, make decisions, and share my ideas with her because she is the one who knows me the best. I chose my uncle because he had experienced a lot in business, planning and studied business. Also, he has been the one who encouraged me to start a

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