My Goals In Education

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My personal goals for my classroom is to help every student in my class reach their education goals and social skill goals, also to provide a safe and fun environment. EVery child deserves an education to try and better themself. I know as I grow my goals will grow and change. I want my students to help me improve my goals as a teacher.
My purpose as a teacher is to give each child the tools they need to be a productive citizen in life. Shirley Hufstedler states, “The role of the teacher remains the highest calling of a free people. To the teacher, America entrusts her most precious resources, her children; and asks that they be face the rigors of individuals participation in a democratic society” (Guillaume,2016,p.24). My role as a teacher remains the highest calling I think because parents trust me with their children. They trust that their children will be safe with me and trust that I will teach them and give them the education that they deserve. English essayist Chesterton wrote, “Education is simply the soul of a society as
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I want my students to learn to have the skills and education to better themselves and to get a good job as they get older. Each child learns differently and each child has different interest. It is my job to see what they are best at and what they are not. Currently I tutor a couple students who have trouble in Reading. First thing I do is asset them and work with them from there. It is important that they get the foundation of reading because reading is the building block for every subject. As they move up each grade it is important that they continue to build on the information they already know. The motto this year for my school is to have a growth mindset and the power of yet. I try to teach this everyday with my kids. Just because we can not do something now, does not mean we can not do it later. Continue to grow your mind and build on what you
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