College Essay On My Goals

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What is my purpose?
Since I was a child I was always changing what I wanted to be when I grow up, but now I have everything more clear, I remember since I was a first grader I promise to my uncle and to myself that I will finish college.
I want to be an inspiration to my brothers and my parents that I accomplish my goal, I'm always thinking about my future how I will look like in three or five years what I'm doing all this why do I do my homework, why do I work, I ask to myself a lot of things, I want to try to do my best every day no matter what I try to go to school everyday even if I'm sick I want to enjoy every single moment of my life this is the main reason of going to college to get a better paid in job help my parents and brothers, I want to go to college finish my career be someone successful be someone, work hard in school, in life and everywhere.
Finish college is one of my biggest goals is like one of those episodes that you want to watch every Sunday, you know that you have to wait for it but at the end is worth it. I remember when I first came to United States of America two years ago I felt
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I had some embarrassing experiences with the language like my first health quiz I feel like that was the funniest and worst experience my teacher gave us a quiz it was about the reproductive system in a graphic and you will have to put the name of the respective parts of the system, before we took the quiz I asked to one of my friends what is the name of the parts between your legs and he said a slang term of "penis" so I though he said the right thing so in my quiz I put this slang term without knowing if I was right or wrong, thanks to a experience like this I effort to learn English and the reason why he said that is because he talks informal English with me but I don't blame him for that I think it was good to have that experience and learn from it, learn from your mistakes in this case my mistakes like trusting in someone that you don’t really
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