High School Life Goals

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Some say high school is the best four years of people’s lives. I hope this is a lie. High School wasn’t bad for me, actually it was quite good, but I have high hopes for college. In high school you are required to take a bunch of classes that not everybody is interested in and a lot of students have nothing to lose if they slack off in class. In college you have more freedom when choosing classes, so you can learn more about things that interest you. In college the students pay an outrageous amount of money to take the classes so they are more invested. Students who are attending on scholarships have to maintain a certain GPA therefore they have something to lose if they don’t pay attention. My goal for college is to study pre-medicine at University of Nebraska Lincoln. I have decided to go to University of Nebraska Lincoln because it’s still close to home but I still have enough room to grow up and figure out who I am without relying on my family for everything. I chose pre-medicine because there are so many things you can do with a medical degree. I want to have options so I can have a career that truly suits me and can make me happy. I also want a job that at the end of the day I will feel like I’ve made a difference. I want a job where I can help people. The medical profession is…show more content…
In my classes my classmates and I typically do care more and pay attention because if we don’t we won’t be allowed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the program such as free college classes for actual college credit. Since my sophomore year I have been attending the UNO OPS Middle College, a program for hard working intelligent students who want to be challenged and get a head start on college. We are located in Kyser Hall on University of Nebraska-Omaha Dodge Campus. While being in this program I have earned a total of 27 college credits paid for by generous donors who believe in us
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