My High School Life

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When children are born, they are like a blank canvas, because they have an absence of skills and life experiences. As they develop into teenagers, they essentially learn skills that guide them towards developing their thought and decision-making processes. Eventually, everyone reaches the age to where they must attend school. Learning how to interact with others, and getting an education is imperative for a child. School teaches children how to interact with one another, and it helps them develop lifelong relationships with their peers. School is where I met some of my friends whom I will have relations with for the rest of my life. School helped me acquire many remarkable memories, and it helped me establish goals for my future.
Since I grew up in a miniscule town of about two thousand, my high school was like a second home to me since I spent most of each day there. My schoolmates were people whom I have known since kindergarten. Hamlin High was an exceptional learning environment for me. Also, it is where I learned to get out of my comfort zone and how to interact with new people.
My high school years were the finest times of my life because I got to participate in almost every extracurricular activity with my classmates. For example, I was in the Hamlin Marching Green Band, UIL Academics, The National Honor
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What scared me the most was when I was required to march in front of a crowd at marching competitions. The more competitions I attended, I eventually got used it, and my fear no longer affected me. Hamlin High helped me the most by allowing me to meet new people at UIL Academic meets, too. When I went to those competitions, I did not know anyone except for the people from my school. As time progressed, I eventually started talking to new people, but it all started by talking to the people who sat next to me in my
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