My Goals In Radiology

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ESSAY #1: GENERAL ESSAY Commitment/Goals Throughout my high school career, there have been many influences that have led me to pursue my dream of being in the Radiology field. Although there was only one significant one that caught my attention from the start. When I was 15 I underwent a labral repair surgery with my surgeon, but the things leading up to my surgery were the most important influences that I never knew I’d experience. I went through MRI with injection, ultrasound injections, x-rays, and laparoscopic surgery. Having gone through a number of machines I decided to research what kind of jobs where in those fields, one of them being a radiologic tech. After researching all the different jobs I didn’t know exactly what field I wanted to go into, whether it was sonography or diagnostic radiology. I opted to take a few steps further and started shadowing at the University of Vermont Medical Center. I got the amazing chance to shadow the ER, upper GI, MR, portables, and CT. After viewing all these departments I decided that diagnostic radiology was the place I wanted to be. By completing this program it will help me help me understand the environments in which…show more content…
Although one day I do hope to become a Radiologist, and live back in Vermont/ New England. I hope to work at University of Vermont Medical Center being an RT. I want to be a tech for about 5-10 years and then potentially go back to college and become a radiologist in the future. I plan to wait to go back to school to be a radiologist to see if I still truly want to be one after becoming a tech for a little while. My goals are to one day be a tech and then become a radiologist, if not than a radiologist assistant, with a big house and my family all while working at either UVM Medical Center or a hospital in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, or
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