My Grandfather Essay

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David Saint-Germain is his name and he is 55. He was the son of a Navy veteran named Donald. David is also my father. I chose to interview David not just because he is my father, but because my grandfather passed away when my dad was only 19 years old. In those 19 years, my grandfather has helped shape my dad into who he is today. There is no better person to tell my grandfather’s story than my dad. The interview happened is two parts. The first half of my interview took place on a clam sunny afternoon in our kitchen. The second half was at night in the living room. My grandfather worked as a signalman on aircraft carriers. He was mainly on the Lexington based on the Aleutian Islands. Over the course of this interview, I have learned several things about World War II and the people who fought within it. One of those things include how…show more content…
As mentioned earlier, I learned that the U.S public probably knew more about the war in the other countries than in our own. For example, people had a gut feeling we would be going to war with Japan eventually but they did not know their own country was building a bomb that will literally level towns. I also learned a little more about us aiding Russia and about how the people in the war longed for the simpler times. The big thing this interview taught me is that my grandfather was so lucky to be alive after the war. On the morning of Pearl Harbor, my grandfather was already on one of the three aircraft carriers that departed earlier on other missions. If those aircraft carriers stayed in Pearl Harbor Bay that morning, my grandfather may have not lived and neither would my family in that case. I never knew how much this war would affect me and my family until I did this interview. I am forever grateful for all the soldiers who fought and died for this war to come to an
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