My Grandfather: Eulogy And Resume Virtues

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My grandfather, Ron Krieger, was born January 1st, 1949. His father’s name was Paul Krieger and his mom’s name was Alice Feltz. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shortly after he was born his family moved to Indiana where he lived most of his childhood. He attended Purdue University, but eventually dropped out. After that, he moved to Pennsylvania and met his wife Nadine where they lived in New Oxford, PA. They had two kids, my father and my aunt. A couple years after my father moved out, he moved to Lake Meade in East Berlin, PA, where he currently lives today.

My grandfather displays both eulogy and resume virtues. Resume virtues are traits that you bring to the workplace and how you present yourself. Eulogy virtues on the other hand, are traits that are talked about at your funeral, for example being brave or honest. Some of the resume virtues my grandfather possesses is being hardworking and devoted. He has demonstrated being a hard worker by working for over 40+ years. Even though he is at the age of retirement, he still continues to work. The other virtue, devotion, he demonstrates by devoting his life to God. When he wasn’t always the best person or father, he turned to
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He saw his dad constantly working to support the family, so he knew he should do the same when he became a father. The virtues of being strong-willed and devoted are both due to the shift in religion he saw going on. He became devoted to God to transform into a better person and being devoted to his work. Strong-willed came about due to him relying on religion to change him as a person and no matter how tough it was that he knew he would be better at the end. He was in terms a product of the culture he once grew up in. After witnessing all the things going on around him, he ended up eventually just like what everyone else was from his culture he grew up in, a

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