My Grandfather: My Immigrants To America

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My grandfather was the first person in my entire family to come to America in about 1988, so it’s been almost 30 years. When my grandfather decided to come to America, he had no green card, or a citizenship to come here. Therefore, he was driven to do various tasks to acquire his green card, so that he could travel to America. Keep in mind that he left his 4 kids, and his wife behind in India. As soon as he arrived in America, he commenced to look for a woman who was an American citizen, on the behalf that he wanted to bring his family to America as well. Within a few months, he got married to an American woman, which granted him the citizenship he needed to permanently live here. A few months after he acquired the citizenship, he brought his whole family to America, to live a better life and start over.…show more content…
However, as soon as they arrived on American soil here in California, they immediately bought a house that was roomy enough for themselves, and their children. My father was 12/13 years in age when he arrived in America, therefore, he had been present at a middle school, since he was a 7th grader when he was in India. Back in India, my father recalled that it was a privilege to obtain an acceptable education, due to the significant amount of money it would cost to attend a favorable school. As my father grew older, he attended Andrew P. Hill High School, which in his opinion sucked. He stated that the teachers at that school didn’t care about what you do in class, unless it is disturbing
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