My Grandma Donna Farley's Big Mistake

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Some people come into the world with a bang. For example, on August 2, 1934, my Grandma Donna Farley was born on her very own kitchen table. She grew up on a farm in a very small town in Ohio called Pemberville. She did not have a lot and to show this she told me this story. “When I grew up, my sister and I would just be excited to share a bottle of Coca Cola my grandfather would bring us. I would be working outside on the farm and my sister would be washing the dishes inside. My grandfather would pull up with the one bottle of Coca Cola. This was a glass bottle of Coca Cola worth 5 cents back then. My sister and I would share that every Sunday and it would just make our day,” Donna said. “You only shared one bottle?! It was 5 cents? My sister and I will get a bottle each and it would cost $1.50 for one bottle!” I replied, shocked at the price. She did not have a lot as a kid, but now she wants her sons…show more content…
I, again, was too little to go through this devastation of him having cancer and eventually dying, but being a widow and having her husband die when you still have many years to go has major effects on you and your life. One of them can be your relationship with God. This past semester I asked my grandma this question for my religion class and just from this simple conversation I had with her, I learned a lot about her relationship with God and her faithfulness. “Why do you believe in God?” “I believe in God because when I was going through breast cancer and the death of your grandfather and when I felt alone in those times God was always with me. I might sound weird, but sometimes I just talk to God and I don’t even need a response because I know, deep down in my heart, that he is there for me,” Donna replied getting emotional. “Aww Grandma that is so sweet. Are you crying?” I asked in a somewhat shocked

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