My Grandmother: A Special Person In My Life

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When it comes to my grandmother, she means everything to me no matter what happens throughout life. My grandmother is that person who I hold nearest to my heart. I wanted to go see here every day because she was always getting into something interesting. I wish I would have been able to spend more time with her, but in 2013 she was diagnosed with cancer and later passed away on October 16, 2013. She impacted many lives while she was on this earth including me. We would have never guessed that she would have died at the young age of 57, but this comes to show that we have to live each like it is our last because you never know what could happen. My grandmother will always be that special person in my life and many other lives because she always had that special thing that went straight to heart and was never let out. If you have ever been to my grandparents’ house then you would know that grandmaw was always doing something crazy or she was always dancing or singing to old classic rock music. My Grandmother was always the one to be the live of the party. The party never stopped when she was there especially if it was your birthday. She would through a birthday party for me and my cousin because our birthday were only ten days apart. She always made this homemade cake that would melt in your mouth. There will never be…show more content…
I think about how much she meant to me and wish her back everyday, but realize that nothing I can do will bring her back. She is in a better place now and I hope to meet her someday on the other side of the universe. She will always be the one that holds a special place in my heart. My heart did not get weaker from this tradgey instead it gets stronger and stronger evry day that passes. I miss you grandmaw and cannot wait to meet you on the other side because I have a lot to tell, not that you do not already

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