My Grandmother Analysis

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My grandmother
“Living is getting knocked down again and again, then standing up time and again, and once more.”
My grandmother’s life has been fraught with hardships of many sorts, from trivial matters to life-changing milestones. The crippling of her father in her youth was one such event that has affected Grandmother. She often wonders how different her life would be if he had not met with that accident. “Perhaps, I could have continued studying and become an accountant,” She laughs, “I was good at sums.”
While Grandmother may not have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she was still fortunate enough to have belonged to a well-off family. Her father, Lau Sheng Li, earned a livelihood through selling seafood. At eleven years old, Grandmother was, in her words, a “playful kampong kid”. Only two things were important to her then: studying and playing. She remembers how she climbed trees and plucked fruits to eat after studying, and the way she delighted in chasing chickens and watching them fly away frenziedly. Ladylike items like sewing kits and embroidery sets lay untouched in a corner of the house as she participated in rambunctious games. One could say that in a way
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At the time, she thought that she would have a dismal future without proper qualifications. Her dream of becoming a famous career woman shattered as her siblings went to school without her, for the first time in her life. She had spent her morning entertaining and comforting them for at her siblings’ tender ages, they did not understand why everything was changing. Grandmother decided to honour her parents’ wishes and instead distracted them from the topic, instead tutoring them in their schoolwork. She was determined that they would succeed in school, since they had the

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