My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry Character Analysis

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My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She 's Sorry written by Fredrik Backman, tells the story of seven (almost eight) year-old Elsa who 's recently deceased grandmother sent her out on a grand treasure hunt to deliver letters to people she wanted to apologizes to. Set between the real world and the fantasy world of the Land-of-Almost-Awake, Elsa must journey to find out what kind of person her grandmother was before she was born. The shining aspect of the story is the well developed characters and how everything is connected back to the fantasy land that Elsa 's grandmother created. The story really centers around the relationship between Elsa, her mother, and her grandmother. It is about the lessons a grandchild must learn about their parents and grandparents, and how not everything, or everyone, is what it seems at first glance. The story pulls you in with a great set up for a coming of age fantasy story, and keeps you reading for the resolution of the relationships between characters. It is important to analyze the significance of the grandmother and how she impacts Elsa perception of life and provides momentum to the story.

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The grandma is a crucial character because she is the mentor that guides Elsa on a path that help her understand the world and helps her cope with her problems such as the her parents Divorce and not being accepted for her unique self by her classmates. With that said in the beginning of the story the readers perception of the
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