My Grandpa Research Paper

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Rodney Boulanger, My Grandpa, My Hero
As we express gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them” -John F. Kennedy. The person that I appreciate and admire is my grandpa, Rodney Boulanger. He is a very serious fellow, but can also be very funny; there is nothing my grandpa wouldn’t do for his family. After semi-retiring from CMS Generation as CEO and president, he then started his own business called Vision Lodge which builds, remodels, and rents houses. My grandpa inspires me, because he has taught me that life is a bumpy road and your perspective on things will affect the outcome.
One of the things that inspires me about my grandpa is he never stops working. Ever since he was young, he was always working. He was in charge of cleaning and repairing the cabins at the family business up north, fishing and hunting to help put food on the table, and at the age of fifteen his father died and he had to get a job to
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It didn’t matter where he was or what he was doing, he would find a way to get to us if we were ever in trouble. One time my mom busted her chin at school, my grandma couldn’t be reached so my grandpa left work and went to be with her. He continues to give us experiences, by taking us skiing every year, which helps me because he challenges me to do better every year. He’s my role model because i’ve watched him for so many years tend to my grandma, after she had a stroke. He takes his marriage vows very seriously, like making sure she has 24 hour care, dinner and medicine on time. He also doesn’t let my grandma being in a wheelchair stop her from not living her life to the fullest. Those are just some of the many ways he is helpful. The people with the toughest exterior have the softest heart, one of those being my
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