Personal Narrative: Diggy

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My whole life has been filled with many different experiences and friendships, however, as I reflect on that group of people their are only a handful that I consider truly great friends. My 18 year old cousin, Destany, who I call Diggy happens to be the best in the batch and the person who I recognize as my best friend. Since we were little we always just got each other. Playing pretend and creating “potions”, we were always 100 percent committed to what we were doing and were never bored around each other. However with the playing we did, usually came a huge mess and the adults would not be happy about this. But somehow the screaming and punishments were never directed towards me. She would always take the blame for our acts, even if it was…show more content…
All was well and jolly the evening of Christmas Eve our family was enjoying a nice dinner when my aunt pulled out a karaoke machine. Destany’s eyes lit up as she traveled straight toward the microphone quickly becoming the host of the night. She spoke the most hilarious things ever and everyone including myself was dying of laughter. Then it was time for the performances. Some of my aunts and uncles went up but she was the main star of the show. Song after song she sang giving it her all and creating choreography on the spot. This was the moment when I realized my cousin was a performer and fearless. Then, caught up in the moment I was invited on the “stage” to perform a duet with her. It was only my family and close friends so I went up no problem, however I was still a little timid. The instrumental played the lyrics were on the screen and I was singing but not real singing. She quickly noticed and did everything possible to get me to open up and it worked. Soon enough we were both giving it our all and somehow crafted the song to be our own. We left everything on that stage and we left our family shocked. No one expected it, not me not her and everyone was either laughing really hard or in complete silence, it was probably the best thing they had ever seen. Nonetheless that night will probably will be recognized as one of the greatest and will stick with me
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