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Did you know my Great grandpa Howard Old Lodge Sr. fought in World War 2? My Great Grandpa Howard Old Lodge Sr. was an interesting man. My dad told me a story that someone had once told him. It started with, your Great grandpa Howard was in Japan fighting for our country. They had found a dead gorilla and buried it. It had gotten shot down in the jungle which was where they were at the time. My Great Grandpa Howard was running from a couple of the Japanese soldiers and he had lost his gun and he had heard a lot of things around him and he was really scared. One of the first things that came out of his mouth was “Mom” but luckily he was able to come home.

My Great grandpa Howard had gotten done with the war. After the war he had taken a train to Minnesota. He had just gotten off of the train and he was stabbed and mugged by a couple of men and was thrown into the ravine. Luckily someone had seen him, pulled him
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Of course they had lived in Tipis. They had a passion for music and storytelling. My grandpa Frank Sr. had a passion for music and he loved softball. He played shortstop and he pitched in fast pitch. He retired in the late 1980’s but couldn’t leave the sport so he stayed umpiring. Frank and his cousins Manual Old Lodge, Glen Old Lodge and Robert Plenty Horse formed the Risen Warriors and created music that people still listen to today. After leaving the Risen Warriors Frank continued to spread the Word of God through music and testimonies.

There are a lot of traits in my family. Just like my Grandpa Frank most of my family has a passion for music and sports. For example my uncles like to play the guitar and my brother, cousins, and I play basketball, football, and softball. Most people on my side normally have brown eyes and hair. We also like sharing stories about our ancestors. Everyone tells jokes in our family so if you can’t take a joke you mostly likely can’t be a part of our

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