My Greatest Accomplishment

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My greatest accomplishment is being presented the Presidential Leadership award by Brigadier General Don Broome. The Presidential Leadership award is arguably the most prestigious award presented by Hargrave Military Academy, the award is a representation of achievement as a whole person and the pinnacle of success through Hargrave Military Academy. The award is not given out flippantly and entails a long process to ensure it 's presented to only the best. This process begins around the beginning of the second semester with faculty nominations. The faculty and staff nominate one individual from each Company. Nominees such as myself created, and committed to memory, a biography that covers any and all accomplishments, community service and club/team involvement. We were given a week to prepare all our…show more content…
The Pillars of Hargrave are used to represent four essential pieces of an individual; Academics, Athletics, Character Development and Spiritual Growth. At the conclusion of the Review Board the members had made up their mind as to who was most deserving of the award, but would not announce it until the end of the year awards ceremony. We all waited in suspense, we wondered and speculated about why we thought someone might get it or why someone might not, but none of us truly knew. The day arrived, the ceremony was upon us, we all waited in agonizing anticipation of the announcement, they saved the award for the end to emphasize its importance. When the announcer began to read off a small speech designed to allude to the recipient all became clear and as my name was announced I couldn 't have been more joyful. This award was proof that I had risen above my peers and that I was capable of elevating myself to set the example for those who may follow in my foot steps, it proved anyone who ever put me down or shoved me away wrong. This was a true moment a triumph, it was and still is my greatest accomplishment, and I only have God to thank for all the opportunity I am
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