Essay On My Aspirations In Life

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As a child growing up I was always surrounded by determined individuals. My mom and grandparents worked tirelessly to ensure that our family was well taken care of. I watched them face many obstacles but there was never a time I didn’t see them defeat those obstacles. From birth I was already labeled as a statistic because my mother birthed me at an early age. People predicted that my mother would never be anything in life because of the choices she made and some even felt as if I would fall into those same footsteps. With a lot of prayer and support from my grandparents my mother was granted the opportunity to prove everyone wrong that doubted her. She is now a police officer that is serving and protecting the world, just like she has always done with me. It’s essential for me to be successful in life not only to prove other’s prediction wrong but to prove to myself that…show more content…
My greatest aspiration in life is to give back to others what they have given to me to be even more worthy of my achievements. My efforts to serve in my community at home have had a great impact on me developing into the young lady I have become. With the guidance of my parent and grandparents they have always instilled in me to respect myself and others, believe in myself and have the determination to achieve my goals. School has been effective in my life because it is preparing me for the next level in life. It keeps me career ready and enables me to face any situations that may come my way. I may encounter a few shortcomings along the way but it only makes me think about how can I implement my strengths to help out my weaknesses. My place of worship has a great influence on my efforts in school and life. I attend Greater St. Mark where I serve as a member of the youth choir and a dedicated Sunday school attendee. With God on my side I know that all things are
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