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In 1976, me and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc. In 1985, I was kicked out of Apple and started NeXT by myself. This company created my greatest invention, the NeXT computer. This computer was the most advanced computer at the time, yet no one would listen. No one knew the genius of the computer. It had some of the best features of the time, which Apple would end up buying and using. I consider this my greatest invention because it had the perfect body and was simple to use, had the best hardware at the time, and was all my idea. When I designed the NeXT computer, I based it off of the same principles used at Apple. Simple but useful. So that's why I made it to be a perfect cube with each side one food long and the corners 90 degrees (Isaacson 222). It made the shape of it look so normal in a room, and attractive to the user. I also made the coat of it matte black, meaning it would not show blemishes easily (Isaacson 223). It is known that cleaning your computer was a tedious task back then, and this made it practically nonexistent. But, the pinnacle of simplicity was in NeXTSTEP, the operating system. So, When we were bought by Apple, they…show more content…
I was the one who had the whole idea of NeXT and the computer. As I said before, I came up with the cube design of the computer. Also, I made all of the production decisions by myself. All of the machines used to put the computers together were painted white and used kanban a japanese technique. This was to show the simplicity of the computer and how it was untouched by human hands. Then, after all the production was done, I had to promote it and publicize it. I’ve been known to have great presentations at Apple, and I brought that same energy to NeXT. I even designed the stage of the premiere of the computer (Isaacson 233). My whole focus was on simplicity, because that was the idea of the computer, easy on the eye and simplistic (Isaacson

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