My Greatest Strength Analysis

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My greatest strength would be that I perform well under pressure and that I enjoy teamwork. I have had many opportunities where I have had to perform at my best even with a great deal of pressure on me. For instance, I was in the Kennesaw State Math Bowl two years in a row, we practiced every day for months after school, I felt prepared, however, when it came time for the competition I was very nervous! I remember learning to take a moment and take deep breaths to calm my nerves, after that I was ready to do my best, we won both years! I also feel that being in Band playing the trumpet has taught me how to perform well under pressure and how to work well in teams, we recently had a Large Group Performance Evaluation and competition where we had to learn a new piece of music in ten minutes and then perform it in front of an audience, our group was told that we were one of the best performers and our evaluation coach felt the trumpet section did perfect.
One of my greatest weaknesses is learning to have patience in my goals and dreams. I want to do everything I can do reach my goals. However, I have to remember that there are many steps along the way that are important that I have to enjoy. I have learned that I need patience in my schooling and homework, I used to work really fast
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I can handle a lot of things at once and I think that if I had a lot on my plate I have learned the skills to do well on it all. I also think learning how to work in teams will help me be successful because I enjoy working with others and I have no problems with taking the lead in the group if it is needed. I hope I am considered for the magnet program at Kennesaw Mountain because it would help me in my pursuit to become a doctor and hopefully a
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