My Group Communication Analysis

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The main role of my group in the overall functioning of the organization is to combine our different nationalities, cultures, languages, beliefs, thoughts and emotions together, and become one whole, as a completed group. In my group I am trying my best to achieve better communication with every single person. Unfortunately, despite my intention to get in touch with all the members of my group, it is not successfully happening all the time. Mostly, I am interacting with the girls in my group, because we have a lot in common to talk about. I am communicating with the boys as well, but not that much. The ability for a group to recognize the barriers in communication and come to a resolution can drastically improve the working and communication conditions. The thoughts, languages, values, beliefs and emotions which each one of us have, are considered to be the main barriers of communication within the organization. The barriers we are facing are likely to…show more content…
When I need to talk with someone from the administrative staff, I go to their office and interact with them personally. For me, it does not matter if the communication is verbal or non-verbal, my interaction with people is very efficient. In our group there is no hierarchy because we are all equal, and we believe that when we have to make a decision, we make it together, or when we have some tasks to do, we separate it equally between all of us. The quality of communication within our group is very good. I find the interaction between us very useful, enriching and efficient. The factors that led to good quality of communication in our group are that we accept different opinions and ideas. An example of a failure would be if we do not accept various opinions and ideas. If we want a successful communication within a group, we have to be open-minded, respectful and
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