My Happiest Place Essay

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After taking so much time on thinking of my happiest places I reached the result of home being my happeist place. The happiest place on the earth is the place where you are happy. A place where you can relax without any hurry or problem. A place that gives you peace, you may go out somewhere to find your happiest place, but for sure you will return back to your home and will find that your home is your happiest place. Every creature has a place hwere he feels more comfortable and happier than any other place. In your home you have your own place, the specific corner where you love to sit, which is maybe better than any disney ride. No matter how good a day spent out of the home a person always wanna come home. I always wait to go home everyday I’m outside. My home is a place…show more content…
A life without a home is useless and miserable. A house is not just a building made of bricks, cement, and iron rebars, the main essentials of turning a house into a home are unlimited love, 100% pure care for the loved ones, and a pinch of madness. A house is made a home by the people living there. Now, whether its your family members or the roommates in hostel. The care of the people living with you when you are sick or sad, is just amazing and that care increases the bond between you and the people even more. When you live with your family the most annoying thing in the house is your siblings, they irritate you so much, if you are living alone now you’ll be feeling lonely that why don’t you live your family, sibling’s annoyingness is the most irritating and amazing thing that you can expirience while being in a family. The most important reason why my happiest place is home, is because of my family, our family is a litle crazy but this craziness is thing that helps us in staying more happy and loving. Without my family, I don’t think that a house could be a home for me and I could ever find my happiest

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