My Expectation In Life

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Living in a world with people expectation is the hardest reality of a person to become what they desire. Judged and complaint everywhere. Actions are the only ways to counter those problems. I am a person who lack of confidence and love. 11 years of suffered, living without the person I love. At the early age of 8, I lost my one and only beloved father. Devastated. My father died in 2004 and abandoned 5 of us. My mother is the only hope I had to keep strong and escaped from all those expectations. In this world, money is everything. My mother worked alone to provide 4 of us a good education and health. It is our hardship in life. After we grown up, I am helping my mother assisting her finance problem by doing part time jobs in many places.…show more content…
I am really grateful doing A-Level programme as I carry out the subjects that I love. Business Studies teach me to become more confident in life and it improved my writing for essay. It also generated critical thinking as the questions will put me as a leader and try to find solutions for the problem given. I have started to take interest in operating my own accounting firm. My dream is to become one of the Big Four companies such as Pwc, Delloite, Ernst & Young and KPMG. I have done some research on how to start up a new business. I found that in Malaysia, there are some bodies like MARA that will assist new businesses. So, research and planning are very important for entrepreneurs. Mathematics had help me to increase my infatuation towards problem solving and enhanced my ability to use vary type of formula to solve the problem. This will be beneficial to be used in accounting which might need high ability in analytic. Studying Accounting at A-level has understood me much better and wider about the functional of accounting in business and daily live. Also it raised my confident level to become what I desire to be. I believe that I am well prepared to take degree in Accounting at foreign
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