Personal Narrative-No Longer Feel Stuck With Your Health Goal

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You'll No Longer Feel Stuck with Your Health Goals If You Learn This Trick
Achieving health goals can be a struggle for most of us. I was always known to be a fat person. It was not until I completed my graduation I made it my resolution to look fit in the best possible way. Nothing seemed to work for me. I used to head to the gym or follow some diet plans only to give it up within 2-3 days. Then, I came across a few articles online on how to plan and organize your daily routine to lose weight. I thought I’ll give this a shot as well. Guess what? It worked so perfectly for me!
To my experience, the problem arises when we set health goals. If you are a typical human being like me, you will have dreams and aspirations in mind. Many of us do, that’s wonderful, but there is one common mistake which we
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This will not make you guilty of not doing something as you will be taking control of the situation first. Here is the link of an interesting research to read.
Evidence will keep you motivated
All of us face a moment of anger and frustration when we want to give everything up. It’s during this time when the evidence of all your effort will help. According to Rydin-Gray, a famous Psychiatry suggests that you can pull yourself out of an emotional breakdown sooner. The CEO of American Express, Kenneth Chenault writes down what 3 things he needs to achieve the next day and starts with those the following morning.
Put efforts into practice
The focus should be on the practice and not the goal. Yes, we need to achieve the goal, but we can’t achieve that without making it a daily habit. Practice makes a man perfect. It applies to health as well. If we do not exercise to reduce weight, we can never reduce weight. A great example would be of David Karp, the founder of Tumblr. He does not check emails until he reaches office at 9:00 am. He keeps the cellphone away and focuses on his health

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