What Does It Mean To Be A Hero

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I know when people think hero they think superheroes in capes or something. I did too I never believed I could ever do anything heroic I always wanted to be one of those people but I never found anything to really do to help. That was till about a year ago I was taking a nap and I got a phone call. (I remember this because I got rudely interrupted from a great sleep). Anyways I picked up the phone but little did I know that phone call would change everything. It was my mom’s friend Kate she wanted to know if I wanted to help out at her church for a few weeks just to see if I would like it. It was a perfect idea because I love kids and I had been babysitting for years. So she thought it was a good idea I on the other hand was not sure if I could do it I was worried I would mess it up somehow.…show more content…
That ended up being one of the best things I have ever done it changed my life. Not because it is this big gigantic thing actually most people who hear this story probably would think that is is pretty insignificant thing that does not mean much but to me it was everything. Not only was I actually good at it but I also truly enjoyed it before this I never really did anything for everyone else I became I became like so many other kids my age were like I thought I was entitled to everything and never gave back to anyone.That all changed I came into the room and there were a lot of kids I thought I was going to have problems but I ended up just talking to the kids and they actually liked me.I was so happy I spent the next few weeks just laughing and playing with these kids it was amazing. I loved seeing these kids and seeing how far they have
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