My Hero In My Life

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My hero in my life was my grandfather Colin James Hean he was a manager who worked for Engen repairing their pipes and tanks.
My grandfather has sadly passed away, but the impact he had on people he had on people was massive during his life and his legacy still is remembered by those who knew him well. My grandfather had a positive impact on many different people because of his positive people and humorous personality he made all his friends and family happy and see the positive and upside of life. The impact he had on people was seen at his funeral where hundreds of people attended from different races and different parts of life where all came to pay respect to his legacy

The source of his power was his kind hearted personality were he often looked after people by consoling them and always helping whenever he could thus his power and leadership came from his loyalty to people where he built mutual respect over years of friendship.
I found my grandfather hugely inspiring because he made everyone around him happier, he was a positive influence in everyone’s life. He also inspired me because of the fact that he appealed to so many different people both rich and poor and of many different races thus he inspired me because he saw everyone as equal and treated everyone with equal respect. My hero in my country is Gift Ngoepe who is currently of this year the first African born to play in Major League Baseball in America for the Pittsburgh Pirates.Gift has had a profound
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