My Hero's Journey In The Odyssey

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My Hero’s Journey
A hero’s journey consists of the separation, initiation, and return of a hero. This is the main idea of a hero, but many people have journeys that consist all three and are not heroes. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus is a perfect example of the literary hero’s journey. When Odysseus left his home, all odds were against him to return. Although he did not change a lot, at times he showed signs of greatness. My life is not as interesting or exciting, but I have many parts in my journey that I can relate to Odysseus’ story. Another example of someone who has followed the path of a hero’s journey would be baseball player, Alex Rodriguez. Although he’s not a hero, Rodriguez overcame adversity after being suspended for
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A few years ago, I was considering giving up baseball. I was going through a major slump both offensively and defensively As I had been striking out and making errors almost for a good two weeks. I attempted to motivate myself by reading quotes from the all-time greats. I saw a few that followed the theme of never giving up or working harder. These quotes shaped the way I thought about both baseball and life in general. I never gave up and continued to work my way out of my slump. As Babe Ruth once said, “[I] never let the fear of striking out keep [me] from playing the game.” I realized that everyone makes mistakes and can’t be perfect. This doesn’t just apply to baseball, but can apply to our everyday lives when it comes to relationships or even schoolwork. Odysseus was mentally struggling when he was on Circe’s island. Odysseus never gave up on his men, just like I never gave up on baseball. Without his men, there is a possibility that Odysseus would not have returned home. If I gave up on baseball, I wouldn’t be the same Danny. I put my heart and soul into this game and without it, my efforts would be put into something else. The lesson of not giving up has helped me in other situations because I know that success and my goals are on the other side of the temporary
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