My Hero's Story: Hera

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You know how Zeus had other children that were not with Hera, correct? Well, Hera had 1 other child. Her name is Tili. See know Tili has quite the story. Mount Olympus- Hera has had Tili. Everyone was asleep, (well that isn’t true for Hades). Hades did not like the fact Hera was having a child that wasn’t even Zeus’. Tili had no father. So, Hades went to the Graeae, who were three witches who share one eye. Hades demanded and demanded for a poison to make Tili fall asleep. “The poison will only last 300 years. On the 300th day, the child will awake right in front of you and she will know what you have done.”When Hades got the poison, he rushed back to Mount Olympus forgetting everything the Graeae had said . When he saw Tili, he had the…show more content…
When will my child awake?” Hera said. “ Everything is fine.” Hades said to her with a sigh of relief. Tili has been fully grown but won’t wake up. Tili wakes up. “Oh! My dear child has awakened!” “Wait, what how?” Hades mumbles. “Did you say something?” Hera says. Hades goes to the Graeae, and asked why did the poison were off. “See I told you he would not listen.” Said one of the Graeae. “I knew we shouldn’t have given the poison away” said another. Tili told her mother what Hades had done. Her mother had sent her down to earth so Hades will not get her. Little did they know that the sirens were part of the plan. Tili was down on Earth trying to figure out how to get her revenge on Hades and the sirens. She would pray to Zeus every night to find answers. One day, Hera had came down to earth as a dove and gave Tili a weapon “Only use on the sirens” she said. “Okay. I get it” said Tili as she snatched the sword and shield out of Hera’s hands and started swinging it around. A little but after that, Tili went to go fight the Sirens. As she was on her way, she found Hades and fought him. It was a tie. Tili eventually became the goddess of weapons. TIli had to fight a brave fight without her mother by her
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