Personal Narrative: Changing My High School Career

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I feel as though I have changed a lot throughout my high school career so far. I have made new friends, drifted away from others, modified the career path I want to go on, and most importantly I have become closer to myself and have started to do things I feel are best for me. So much has changed in just half of my career at this school and I am very excited to see where the next two years take me. I can’t even imagine where else I will go in life but I will try my best to make it great. I have many amazing people in my life that push me to do what they know I can and want me to do what makes me happy. My family is my main support system and I am very thankful for that. My parents and brother always motivate me to be whatever I want to be…show more content…
My critical thinking skills have definitely improved since I started highschool and sometimes I even find myself looking at things I read on my own from a different perspective or even looking up what the author’s life was like in order to find possible connections between their life and their writing. I also really enjoy class discussions because then I can get input from other people in the class and hear perspectives I never would have thought of on my own. I think these things have also made me become more self aware because I can compare my opinion and thought process to that of others in order to find patterns in my own thoughts and feelings to determine who I think I am. From my classmates this year I expect different points of view on topics and I hope nobody is afraid to share their opinion because the best thing about an opinion is that you can’t be wrong! I also expect my classmates to respect each other's opinions even if they may not agree. As for Mr. Peters, I really enjoyed freshman year in his class and love how he keeps things exciting through even the subjects that don’t interest me and how he is always willing to help and truly cares about each student’s individual success. As long as he keeps that up, it is going to be a great
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