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Attending a small high school has aided in my development as an individual in a variety of ways. To begin, as someone who dislikes voluminous classrooms, my high school has allowed me to fully commit myself to my academics and relationships without feeling overwhelmed by an abundant group of peers. Based on this, I challenged myself by taking two college courses both my junior and senior year and, due to the class sizes, I felt comfortable being myself without the added pressure. Likewise, I have obtained a small group of supportive, constructive, and dedicated friends who encourage me everyday to step out of my comfort zone and be myself. Therefore, my unpretentious high school has taught me to engage in conversations with people I know little…show more content…
This is mainly because it has taught me to appreciate the people and relationships I encounter. Additionally, it has encouraged me to connect with people in a variety of ways, which I know will benefit me as I embark on a college education. Regardless, my academic experience has taught me how to manage my time, amplify my work ethic, and enrich my eagerness to learn and grow as an aspiring college student. I don’t believe I would have acquired these values if I had attended a large high school where constant academic and social pressures are presented. In addition, my experience is a significant reason why I have decided to lean towards a small university, in which I desire to have the same relationships with my professors as I had with my high school teachers. Similarly, I hope to develop lifelong friendships with the people I meet on my future college campus who will encourage me academically, individually, and spiritually. Moreover, although I have had a few difficult times in high school, I would not trade my experience for anything. Therefore, I believe I should be selected for this scholarship because I have an ardent desire to pursue a secondary education in a facility that is centered around God so that both my academic and spiritual life will be enhanced and fortified. Furthermore, while my extracurricular engagement was minimal, I have put forth a tremendous amount of work

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