My High School Experience

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Attending a small high school has aided in my development as an individual in a variety of ways. To begin, as someone who dislikes voluminous classrooms, my high school has allowed me to fully commit myself to my academics and relationships without feeling overwhelmed by an abundant group of peers. Based on this, I challenged myself by taking two college courses both my junior and senior year and, due to the class sizes, I felt comfortable being myself without the added pressure. Likewise, I have obtained a small group of supportive, constructive, and dedicated friends who encourage me everyday to step out of my comfort zone and be myself. Therefore, my unpretentious high school has taught me to engage in conversations with people I know little about, urged me to build a reputation that was representative of my authentic self, and to treat my relationships with value because I understand how rare genuine friendships can be. Altogether, though I can thank my high school for providing me with these opportunities and growth, my utmost gratitude is given to God, for he placed me here and because of that I believe my trust and devotion to Him has increased, which is something I will never lose sight of. Attending a small high school has additionally shaped what I hope to accomplish in the future. As mentioned, small classes played a monumental role in my decision to take college courses, so because of that, I was able to push myself in areas I never would have if I had not
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