My High School Experience

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I believed my life was over and that I would grow to be an extremely lonely homo sapien. Getting pulled out of high school by my parents was not how I wanted to leave Riverbend High School. I wanted to graduate with my friends that I’d known since kindergarten. I thought my hopes and dreams could never be achieved because I wasn’t in a regular public high school. I felt like my future plans to leave Virginia and go to college out of state were ruined. Were they really? Or was this just the dramatic thoughts of a typical over exaggerating teen girl, because at the time and today I still believe things do get better.

I realized my “high school experience” was ending early that Monday. The reality of it hit me when I didn’t have to get up at five in the morning,which is what my daily routine called for. In that moment thousands of depressing thoughts rushed through my head. I knew I would miss getting off the bus, seeing my friends circled around each other, and then scurrying to greet me. I would miss the freedom of walking down the halls with my phone in my hand and drama on my mind. I wouldn’t get to complain about how much I didn’t like my classes, when deep down I loved the majority of them. I would miss getting to show off my outfit of the day. I had been really excited about joining clubs my sophomore year specifically the track and the dance team, now that was no longer an option for me. My parents had been talking about taking me out of school when my
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