Why High School Is Important To Me Essay

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My High school is the best school for me. In saying this I mean that my high school might not be the most challenging but it has helped me out in a lot of ways. With that in mind I have to admit that San Jacinto Christen Academy has not prepared me for college as I believe it should have. It has how ever made me a better person and who I am today. I am not prepared for the work that I am going to get when I attend college but I am prepared in a different way one that most people ever even think about.

One of the reasons that I believe that I have not been prepared for college is that there is a lack of challenges in the work that is given to me. I transfered to San Jacinto Christen Academy after my freshman year of high school. When I got
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In this area I feel like my school has prepared me very well for the social aspect of college. It has taught me that you do not have to go out every night and party to be cool. It has also taught me how to defend what I believe in. College is not just a place you go to learn it has a very big social aspect to it. If you stay out all night partying then you will not do well in the class that you have the next day. If San Jacinto Christen Academy has not prepared me in any other way I am glad that I am prepared to stay strong in who I am as a person.

I am not prepared for college. My school has not prepared me in the typical ways that you think of when you ask "Has your high school prepared you well for college classes?". If you offered me a chance to go back and be prepared for college in the typical way I would have to decline. I love the fact that I know no matter what who I am and what I believe in. Maybe I will struggle in some classes but theres always someone you can ask for help when it comes to that. If you lose yourself your the only person who can help you and I do not want to have to face that struggle ever
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