Narrative Essay About Hurricane Life

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It was June 26, 2004 I packed my oversized conversion van with everything I thought was important. I was going to leave the life I knew behind on Cincinnati and I move to Daytona Beach Florida. Little that I know I had the State of Florida was going to see a record number of hurricanes for the 2004 2005 season. Little did I know I would find myself loving a lifestyle that was neither healthy or safe. Knowing how negatively this would have impacted my life I would not have moved to Florida. Driving away from my simple life in Cincinnati the exciting tough of living on the beach and working as a barmaid came over me. It was a hot June afternoon as I packed everything I owned into my large conversion van. I hung clothes on the clothing…show more content…
I will never forget my first hurricane experience. It was Hurricane Charley. The night that Charlie was going to head Daytona Beach I will never forget. The locals advised buying canned goods and plenty of water. I made it to the local Walmart which also had a liquor store and the same parking lot. The parking lot was full of cars. Everyone I was in a hurry and load full of fear. Once inside Walmart, everyone was pushing and shoving grabbing perishable items. There was no organization everyone was running here and there. I managed to grab a few cans of tuna fish, two cases of water, a flashlight and batteries. Walking out of Walmart I decided to stop at the liquor store the line was out the door and around the building. Over the course of the next several days, I would come to understand why everyone was talking upon what they could. For the next two weeks, I lived with no electricity. It was unbearable to sleep and doors. Along with hundreds of other people, I found myself spending the days at the beach. The public park showers became my shower for the next two weeks. Charlie was only one of four hurricanes that I would experience while in Florida. Seeing the destruction, devastation gives me a great sense of gratitude for a living back in the state of
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